Powerful, fast e commerce.

Square1 lets you build powerful e commerce experiences without having to reinvent the wheel.

₹ 99,000 / year.
Everything included, no limits. No kidding.
10digi and The JT Store are built on Square1

Rapid Development

20 X faster time to market than most others.

Fully Loaded

More features than every other platform.

Scalable by design

Serve millions with no change in pricing.


Code in Python - add anything.

😵 erk. Codeless platforms are doomed to fail!

Every couple of years, the hope surfaces that a simple graphical interface will replace teams of developers.

Business people to quickly and easily create beautiful expressions of their ideas and launch them into production seamlessly.

A handful of startups in every generation take up this challenge, and they mostly fail. 💀

Finally, a framework for professionals.
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🥳 Square1 is great for you if -

  • You need unlimited integration possibilities.
  • You are a high volume business.
  • You want to spend less time coding and more time selling.
  • You are outgrowing your existing solution.
  • You need reliable and secure solutions.