Plug and play e commerce backend

Square1 lets you build powerful e commerce experiences without having to reinvent the wheel.

₹ 99,000 / year.
Everything included, no limits. No kidding.
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10digi and The JT Store are built on Square1

Rapid Development

20 X faster time to market than most others.

Fully Loaded

More features than every other platform.

Scalable by design

Serve millions with no change in pricing.


Code in Python - add anything.

😵 erk. Codeless platforms are doomed to fail!

Every couple of years, the hope surfaces that a simple graphical interface will replace teams of developers.

Business people to quickly and easily create beautiful expressions of their ideas and launch them into production seamlessly.

A handful of startups in every generation take up this challenge, and they mostly fail. 💀

Finally, a framework for professionals.
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🥳 Square1 is great for you if -

  • You need unlimited integration possibilities.
  • You are a high volume business.
  • You want to spend less time coding and more time selling.
  • You are outgrowing your existing solution.
  • You need reliable and secure solutions.

🤔 Reasons Square1 is a better choice for your next e commerce project:

  • Square1 is not just a platform - its a launchpad. It's designed to be modified, and moulded to your own unique business requirements.
  • We impose no limits of any kind on the platform. 100 - 100K orders, customers or visitors, do it all.
  • Live support from real people. Not tickets, help lines or customer care executives. Partners - dedicated account managers for you.
  • Personalised themes and store fronts. Choose from our existing inventory, or create from scratch for your business. No impositions on stack.
  • Square1 is complete. It's not just online sales - inventory, POS, marketing, analytics, we've got it all.
  • Square1 is decoupled. Use it as your one singular backend to manage your complete e commerce business.

🤓 Not to brag, but...

  • 3 years in development
  • 90% code coverage
  • 1 release every week
  • 500K Lines of Code
  • 100% Client Retention
  • 99% up time
  • 💚 Our clients love us

    Square1 has been integral in the journey taking The JT Store from a humble start up running on wordpress to an extensive e commerce platform serving thousands of users everyday. The flexibility the platform provides has played an important role, and is arguably the most important aspect of the platform.

    - Swadeep Tomar, The JT Store

    Square1 has acted as an extension to our own technical team. Our team could finally start focusing on delivering features and quality.

    - Rakesh Mittal, Blue Tech

    Passion drives everything they do at Square1. They're the happiest team I have worked with and I love spending time with them. Some of our most innovative ideas have come out of brain storming sessions with the team.

    - Joe, TMC

    🤝 Intelligent Partnerships

    Starters' CFO

    Starters' CFO integrates with Square1 - in software and operations. While Square1 keeps your e commerce business running, Starters' CFO ensures your accounting, book keeping, taxes and statutory compliances are all up to the mark. Put your entire business on auto pilot with Square1 and Starters' CFO.

    Innctech Solutions

    Innctech provides resources for data entry, validation, and other routine tasks billed hourly. Work with Innchtech and Square1 to easily import your existing data into Square1, and manipulate data for use with Square1.

    Product Photography

    Square1 has partnered with several freelance product photographers. They work closely with our design and development team to come out with the best results, and offer discounted rates to our clients.

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