Frequently Asked Questions

What does headless e commerce mean?

Headless eCommerce represents a platform or solution that abstains from defining the perfect front-end by simply not having one. This means that the front-end has been decoupled, or removed, from the backend, and you are not forced to remodel or live within a tightly coupled user experience.

1. Headless eCommerce does not limit front-end developers. With a traditional eCommerce platform, front-end developers are constrained to the front-end design and process that is created by the solution. If they wanted to change the data or the experience, they’d need to change the database, the code and the front-end, making even the smallest change a large business risk. By not having a defined front-end, headless eCommerce allows front-end developers to create a completely catered and unique user experience that fits exactly what the business needs, without worrying about modifying the database.

2. Headless eCommerce offers almost limitless customization and personalization. Traditional eCommerce platforms come with a predefined experience for both an end user, as well as an administrative user. Headless eCommerce allows businesses to define the exact experience they want, for both buyers and administrative users.

3. Headless eCommerce improves your time to value. No matter your eCommerce platform, back-end business logic, functionality and capabilities usually comprise up to 85% of a software development process. With a headless commerce platform, you are starting from the point of completion which is allowing you to focus on the user experience and deliver a final solution for far less cost, time and effort.


What technologies can i work on?

You can use any of the languages available for web development with headless e commerce. Our platform is entirely decoupled from the front end, and has no effects on it's functioning.

We recommend frameworks that make it easier to develop PWAs[1] and we personally prefer vue.js[2] over other javascript frameworks available.

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Will I need servers?

Yes, you will still need a hosting space to run your front end application, that shall interact with Square1 APIs and systems, that are made available to you.

For advanced users, you can make use of our "extensibility" feature and run your front end with the backend as well, reducing expenses for you.

What does Square1 run on?

Being a large product, Square1 runs on a number of technologies, but we primarily rely on python, and python based web frameworks.

I can't decide between headless e commerce and traditional e commerce.

You might want to read this blog[1] we really like.


How do i change my plan?

You can do this from your control panel. Simply head to account -> billing.

Why do you have rate limiting on APIs?

Different users consume different volumes of our server and infrastructure resources, primarily controlled by the volumes of sales and traffic they have on their website. It is only fair for the pricing model to be linked to your usage of our resources. The best way to achieve this is by monitoring and controlling the rate at which our APIs are accessed, and the total number of hits every month.

Do you also charge a fee on transactions made via Square1 APIs?

All payments made via Square1 APIs have a transaction fees. These charges are automatically deducted from the billed amount before they are deposited into your bank.
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