Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the entrepreneur, SMB and enterprise plans?

Both SMB and enterprise plans include custom theme development. This means that the theme for your store is developed and designed by the team at Square1 from scratch, and is unique to your business. The entrepreneur plan gives you access to over 100 free themes that you can choose from. The enterprise plan is designed for established businesses with requirements for dedicated infrastructure and support teams, and tools to manage large scale operations, such as those for multiple warehouses, large scale marketing, and more. Most businesses choose to work with our SMB plans.

What does your pricing include?

Our pricing plans include the following: 1. Access to the Square1 platform. 2. Hosting and infrastructure costs. 3. Email and SMS costs. 4. Cost of theme development. ( Not for entrepreneur plans ) 5. Support You will not be billed for any services beyond what is mentioned for each respective plan. There is a 2% cost on each transaction made on the website applicable. This only applies to payments made through Square1’s payment partners.

How do i sign up for SMB or Enterprise plans?

Simply drop us a message at and we shall get back to you with the steps to building your store!

How do I sign up for the Entrepreneur plan?

Given the overwhelming response we've had so far, we are only accepting a limited number of signups at the moment through a private beta. Email us at on information about how to enroll.

What makes your product different from other ecommerce platforms?

Most e commerce platforms target entrepreneurs. Our primary focus on small and medium businesses. We also specialize in Indian markets, with our platform being the only one offering GST support and capabilities for our businesses. Among our competitors in the industry: 1. We are the only complete (SAAS) solution available for serious e commerce. Existing open source solutions are outdated. 2. We eliminate the need for portal development from scratch, with thousands of options ensuring a satisfactory business for all types of products. 3. We are Developer friendly. You can modify and extend to your heart’s content.

Are there any limits on customers/traffic?

None of our plans put any limits on how much traffic your website can have at a time or how many customers use your business.
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