Do more with less.

One framework for all your e commerce needs.
huge, really huge.
₹ 99,000 / year.
Everything you see, no limits. No kidding.

Rapid Development

DRY development, don't reinvent the wheel.

Fully Loaded

ooof. seriously huge.

Scalable by design

Square1 ♥ Kubernetes. Near unlimited scalability.


🐍 Code in Python. Add / modify features.

Progressive Web App

Out of the box. PWA ready on day 1.

SaaS Backend

Auto updates & bug fixes. SaaS quality.


Build your own front end. 500 APIs. 🤯

Backend Rendering

🧔 Mustache it out. Fastest way to get started.

Internationalization and Localisation

Sell anywhere in any language, any currency.

Exceptional Support

Award winning support from real developers.

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